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Accessing VNC Consoles

All the vm consoles on xenserver are per default only accessible via the http(s) interface, but with some few tricks you can access them directly:

All commands are done via SSH on xenserver

Warning - this bypasses a lot of xenservers security measures

  1. Allow VNC ports through firewall
    1. Append following line to /etc/rc.local
    2. iptables --insert INPUT -p tcp --dport 5900:5999 -j ACCEPT
  2. Set vncterm to listen on all interfaces instread of
    1. Edit /opt/xensource/libexec/vncterm-wrapper
    2. Alter the VNCTERM_LISTEN variable to "-v"

Autostart of VM's

The free xenserver doesn't allow to set a vm to autostart via xencenter, but there's a work-around that issue:

  1. edit /etc/rc.local
  2. add a line with "sleep 45" - to allow all the xen components to complete initialization (on more powerfull hardware the delay can be less than 45 seconds)
  3. add a line with xe vm-start vm=<vm-name> for each vm you want to auto start

Running XenCenter on linux - doesnt work

  1. Download Xencenter from 6.0 550
  2. Install wine > 1.2 (apt-get install wine1.3 or what ever you got)
  3. Download winetricks: wget http://winetricks.org/winetricks
  4. Use winetricks to install .net: sh winetricks dotnet2 Use winetricks to install mono: sh winetricsk mono210
  5. Install XenCenter from msi: wine start XenServer-6.0.0-XenCenter.msi
  6. use wine to launch mono and xencenter: wine "C:\\Program Files\\Mono-2.10.6\\bin\\mono.exe" "c:\\XenCenter\\XenCenterMain.exe"

Basic Centos admin

Enable standard repos in /etc/yum.repos.d/Centos-Base.repo (set enabled=1)

  • Install epel: yum install epel-release
  • list installed packages: rpm -qa (filter with grep)
  • search packages: yum search
  • install packages: yum install
  • apache package is called httpd
    • make sure that it starts automatically: chkconfig --level 2345 httpd on
    • xapi uses port 80 so run apache from eg port 88 or 8080
    • remember to add a firewall rule (see accessing vnc)
    • no longer the case on 6.2.0 make sure apache can navigate down from root folder: chmod 711 / (by default it is 700)

hoerup's custom xen install

  • 6.5.0 install
  • yum install epel-release
  • installeret apache httpd via ovenstående sektion
  • rc.local
    • iptables --insert INPUT -j ACCEPT
  • installed packages
    • epel-release-5-4.noarch.rpm
    • yum install ser2net
    • yum install smartmontools
    • yum install php php-xmlrpc php-pear php-gd
  • /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf
    • rewriteDomain=xen.t-hoerup.dk
    • mailhub=rafiki
    • root=torben
  • /etc/ser2net.conf
    • 2001:raw:600:/dev/ttyUSB0:9600 NONE 1STOPBIT 8DATABITS
  • chkconfig
    • chkconfig --level 345 smartd on
    • chkconfig --level 345 nfs on
    • chkconfig ser2net on


XenServer_updates_from_cli (indsat af Tommy)


  • XenOrchestra up-comming Xenserver management Appliance
  • VMTurbo VM performance monitoring (ikke prøvet)

Network /vSwitch tools

XenServer 6.2 vs nighlies

Component 6.2 nighly
Centos 5.7 6.5
Kernel 2.6.32 3.10.27
Xen 4.1.5 4.4.0
Xapi 1.3 1.11