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  • Debian 9 vm
    • 2 vcpu / 512mb ram // 8 gb disk (1.5 gb swap) - if using docker/collabora add a few GB extra
  • if using nfs for data storage
    • apt install nfs-common
    • setup the nfs mount in fstab etc
    • chmod www-data <nfs-mounted-dir-for-nextcloud>
  • apt install mariadb-server
  • apt install libapache2-mod-php7 php7.0-mysql
  • apt install php7.0-zip php7.0-gd php7.0-curl php7.0-mbstring php7.0-xml
  • if using collabora plugin for online doc editing
    • apt install libreoffice-core libreoffice-writer libreoffice-calc libreoffice-impress
  • download and extract nextcloud
  • chown -R www-data config
  • chown -R www-data apps
  • create mariadb database and user/pass
  • open http://<host-ip>/ in browser and follow setup guide


  • Apache/php config
    • Set allowoverride all for htaccess to work
    • a2enmod rewrite
    • enable opcode cache
    • if using haProxy, let it check /index.html instead of default '/'
  • Setup object cache(memcache/apcu)


  • Install docker
  • According to this dockerd must be configured to use --storage-driver=devicemapper
    • check with docker info
    • prevent auto update of docker, since the update resets storage driver: apt-mark hold docker-ce
  • if using haproxy in front, make sure you set option http-server-close
  • read collabora guide

Links for inspecting latest docker img