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Misc installation tools

Group Policy

Software Deployment


  • A working AD installation.
  • GPMC(Group Policy Management Console) installed on a computer.
  • Access to change AD and GPO stuff (domain administrator works but is proberbly not best practice)
  • 1 client to experiment on.
  • Install orca on the client.

AFAIK, you can only install .msi packages.

The process

  1. create a distribution point
  2. Share the distibution point on the network, authenticated users have read only access and you have full access, be aware that (NTFS && Share = true access)
  3. Download the software that you want to deploy, follow this site for installing java etc.
  4. Place the java files in a folder at your distribution poit, called "java"
  5. Open GPMC and in the domain, right click on "Group Policy Objects"
  6. Create a new group policy, and name it Software - Java, with no starter GPO defined
  7. Right click on the new GPO, and choose "edit"
  8. Navigate to Computer configuration -> Policies -> Software Settings -> Software installation
  9. Right click on software installation, "new" -> "Package..."
  10. Navigate to the network path of your distribution point and choose the java*.msi
  11. In the next window, choose "Advanced" and then "ok"
  12. Ensure that the name reflects if it's a 32 or 64 bit installation
  13. Under "Deployment" tick of the "Uninstall this ..."
    1. If it's a 32bit package and it should be installed on a 64 bit system, go to "Advanced" and tick of the appropiate box
  14. "Upgrades" are only interesting when you upgrade software.
  15. goto "Modifications" press "add" and select your .mst file, if you created one with orca.
  16. Exit the dialog by pressing "ok" and close the GPMC editor

Now we are ready to deploy the software to the client.

  1. select the group policy
  2. In the "scope" tab, review the settings under "security filtering", as long as you are testing, I would recommend that you only include the client and user that you are testing with.
  3. Link the group policy to the OU that you are using for testing and therefore contains the client.
  4. Reboot your client 2 times. (first time the gpo settings on the client gets updated and the second time the software is installed)

If everything went as planned, then you have just deployed java on a client via GPO :)


.msi is the installation package
.mst is the transformation package
.msp is an update package

Resources - Details about Software Deployment - nice site about deploying common software