WSL - Windows Subsystem for Linux

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remember to check the release notes occasionally


Brug af systemd under WSL



wsl2 kernel will have iptables support - but not nftables so eg debian needs to be configure to use the iptables-legacy variant

this will affect both sshuttle and podman/docker


you can have services listen on *:<port> inside WSL and access the services from windows

sshuttle works under WSL (rembember that sshuttle only handles TCP - so forget UDP+ICMP !) but the traffic redirection is done in iptables within wsl - so windows applications can't use it BUT

you can eg install squid http proxy inside WSL and configure your browser to use localhost:3128 for proxy, and thereby force your req to go into wsl and from there be able to utilize the sshuttle tunnel

if you combine this with a local file and use file:///c:/path-to-your-pac in your browser you can specify which hosts to route to squid

docker upstream package works - but you need to get iptables and systemd in order

Docker desktop integrates with WSL, but has recently changed license - so it might be time to look into podman or upstream instead ?